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Flinders Island Running Festival Sept 1-3

Need some inspiration to get moving for the Flinders Island Running Festival (FIAAI 5)? FIAAI-sponsored Nova Peris will be visiting the island for the festival! Click on the link below to see the event schedule for the Running Festival weekend: running_festival running_festival running_entryform

Hypnotherapist Visit: Quit Smoking!

Tried everything to quit smoking and nothing works? Why not try something different? FIAAI will be sending a hypnotherapist to the island for those in our community would have an open mind and would like to give it a go. July 18-19th. Call FIAAI to book an appointment. Click this link for more information: lonvara

Book in for your massage at FIAAI

Maree Crawford will be at FIAAI each Thursday from April 6th for massage sessions. Remedial massage or relaxation massage, $5 per 1/2hr session. Great in combination with David Heap’s physio! Call the FIAAI health staff to book your place. 63593532