Outdoor Gym Equipment

FIAAI has recently installed outdoor gym equipment open to the general public in the FIAAI Park. 

The fitness stations are a great addition to the Flinders Island community and can be used by people of any fitness level – this will be a great way to compliment those who are doing the Heart Lung programs for an extra session once or twice a week!

There are three stations with 3 exercises on each station. Each station has basic instructions and also information on what muscle groups are being used for the exercise.

While exercising at each of the different fitness stations,  you can scan a QR code using an app on your smart phone for directions.This will send you to the online website – complete with instructional videos and fitness programs designed for beginners, intermediate and advanced. Step by step instructions for using the equipment can also be found on the website Fit for Parks.

We’re also looking into running fitness programs in the near future utilising the gym equipment.

Enjoy a workout while the kids amuse themselves on the playground equipment at FIAAI Park !

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