Smokes Wont Crush Us Campaign Launch Sep 9th

Tackling Tobacco in Tasmania

This week saw the launch of an exciting new project aimed at encouraging Aboriginal Tasmanians to give up, or never take up smoking. Flinders Island Aboriginal Association delivers the state wide Tackling Indigenous Smoking Programme that developed the “smokes won’t crush us” campaign.

The Tackling Indigenous Smoking campaign is funded by the Commonwealth Government and currently under review.

The campaign identified the need to use locally recognised Tasmanian Aboriginals to ensure healthy lifestyle messages resonated with local Aboriginal communities.

Dr Tom Calma who launched the campaign said: “This is a great initiative that fits in very well with the national push to empower Aboriginal people to understand what it takes to live a long and healthy life. What’s so special about this campaign is that we have a great representation of young and old people sharing information on why they gave up smoking or why they’ll never start. The US campaign is an inclusive campaign and it means we are not alone in our journey to crush this addiction. Flinders Island Aboriginal Association is showing real leadership in this important health campaign that is directed to talking about the benefits of not smoking.”

Maxine Roughley, Flinders Island Aboriginal Association CEO said: “The evidence is clear, too many Aboriginal people are still smoking and suffering poorer health as a result. We want to make a difference in the smoking rates of Aboriginal Tasmanians. We have a great team of local Aboriginal ambassadors supported by a skilled team based in Launceston who are ready and waiting to support community members in their journey to better health. A range of information, programs and referrals are available.”

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