No Smokes, No Limits

FIAAI ‘No Smokes No Limits’ Public Health Campaign Launched 

Flinders Island Aboriginal Association’s Tackling Smoking Program has launched their ‘No Smokes No Limits’ public health campaign featuring motocross imagery and Aboriginal ambassadors Jay and Josh Woolley from WSM Freestyle.

As part of this campaign, young people are encouraged to never smoke “no smokes no limits” and smokers are encouraged to contact their local health service, general practice or the Quitline for assistance in giving up the habit. This campaign seeks to denormalise smoking, and is in stark contrast to some of the messaging typically associated with extreme sports that are often sponsored by energy drinks or other consumables associated with poor health outcomes.

FIAAI CEO Maxine Roughley said “This program especially targets young people who are our future and we are proud to be supporting such an important health issue.”

The FIAAI Tackling Smoking Team can be contacted on (03) 6334 5721 for more information.